Individual Sessions:

Individual Counseling- a one on one session of Counselor and Client age 13+. These sessions are for those that seek healing from personal struggles such as:

  • Childhood traumas
  • Behavioral patterns
  • Unhealthy relationships 
  • Poor communication 

Couples Sessions:

Couples Counseling- two persons whether friends, related, dating, engaged, married, separated or divorced. You may seek out counseling in this area if you are:

  • Experiencing challenges in the relationship 
  • Pre-marital 
  • Faced with a dramatic change 
  • Miscommunication 

These are just a few examples. As people become more and more obsessed with themselves, the pursuit of identity preservation and isolation healthy relationships are becoming scarce. This is not the will of God. Many people have no clue what a healthy Christ-centered relationship really looks like. With the help of the Lord you can experience them and provide others with examples. 



*Here at The Vault we will provide you with scriptural based guidance to conquer the challenges you face. We believe the Word of God to be true and prayer to be a direct line of communication to access the power of God!

**Note- I am not a doctor. I do not handle clinical diagnosis or prescribe medication.